Abbot Neal Roth welcomes you

Dear friends,

On behalf of the monks of Saint Martin’s Abbey, I would like to welcome you to our website.

One of the important Benedictine virtues is hospitality. Our Abbey’s motto is: “Never turn away when someone needs your love.” Benedict insisted that all people be treated and welcomed as Christ.

Hopefully, you will see this aspect of Benedictine life reflected on our site.

It is our hope that you will explore these pages and learn something about our lives as monks at Saint Martin’s Abbey.


Abbot Neal G. Roth, O.S.B.

Saint Martin's Abbey Coat of Arms
Saint Martin’s Abbey Coat of Arms

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Saint Martin's Abbey

The Benedictine Abbey of Saint Martin's, founded in Lacey, Washington in 1895 as a monastery of the American Cassinese Congregation, is a community of Roman Catholic men dedicated to providing Christian witness in the Pacific Northwest through its monastic life of prayer and work, education and service to the Church. Saint Martin's Abbey fulfills its mission through liturgical prayer and worship, through its support of Saint Martin's University and through its pastoral service to the local Church.
Patrick McDonald
Patrick McDonald
Interestingly enough, the first Mass said on the hilltop was 125 years ago this February 14, 2020.

The book, Between the Years - 1895 to 1945,
notes the following: Several days were spent by the two men (Julius Olbrich and Alexander Franz from the newly established Holy Rosary parish in Tacoma) in cutting down some large trees dangerously near the temporary home (10x16 shed built a week earlier). On January 23 another laborer joined the two - Mr. Frank Derkin also of Tacoma. The three men now prepared a place for another building that was to be a more permanent structure, 20 by 40 feet in size, and which would serve as a chapel and living quarters for the men. Although Fr. William Eversmann OSB made many visits to the site of the new college, he never remained overnight until February 13, His presence suggested the possibility of a mass in the new building and the idea was enthusiastically carried out. An alter was soon fashioned and placed in the room in the new building destined to be the chapel, the bell of an alarm clock was used for the later bell and in the quiet morning of February 14, 1895, with only the light of the two candles on the alter and an extra one used near the missal, the first mass was said at St. Martin's, the three men assisted and received Holy Communion.

BTW - it looks like the chapel building stood about where the hallway is now between the Abbey and Chapel.
Saint Martin's Abbey
Saint Martin's Abbey
Let us pray:
"Lord our God,
you robed the virgin Scholastica
with the beauty and splender of innocence.
Help us to walk blamelessly before you
that in the company of virgins
we might praise your name for ever,
and find our delight in you."
Saint Martin's Abbey
Saint Martin's Abbey
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